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Brucefield Community United Church is comprised of four United Church congregations that are referred to as the 'legacy churches': Brucefield; St. Andrew's, Kippen; Varna; and Goshen. Prior to amalgamation these four churches were grouped in two existing pastoral charges: Brucefield/Kippen and Varna/Goshen.

Each congregation had 19th century beginnings extending as far back as 1851 in one instance. The denominational roots include Methodist, United Presbyterian, and Free Presbyterian. Once the decision to amalgamate all four churches into one congregation was approved, closing services to honour and celebrate their rich histories and long-standing ministries were held successively in September 2013. The inaugural worship service of the newly-formed Brucefield Community United Church then immediately took place on October 6th, 2013.

The new congregation is committed to being an ongoing faithful and loving presence of Jesus Christ in central part of Huron County in the hamlet of Brucefield.

Brucefield Community United Church has been richly blessed by the coming together of people from four churches with their Christian faith and varied ministry gifts that are dedicated to fulfilling the congregation's mission statement:

The mission of the Brucefield Community United Church is to worship and serve God, and to encourage a sense of fellowship and caring within the local and global community.

We are privileged and pleased to invite you to this visit of our website where you can learn about some of the ministry activities of our congregation.

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